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The founder of Kapri Consulting, Shadan Kapri, was a U.S. Fulbright Scholar on human trafficking. Her passion for the intersection of universal human rights, sustainable growth, and the environment inspired her to create Kapri Consulting.

The goal of Kapri Consulting is to help businesses grow and expand in a way that fosters human rights for all workers and eliminates slave labor, child labor, and/or forced labor in all stages of their supply chain while adopting practices that protect the environment. 

In this fast paced technologically driven economy consumers demand that their hard earned money go to businesses that abide by ethical principles that protect the basic human rights of workers and the environment. This is part of a growing movement to make corporations more accountable to the savy consumers who buy their products and the workers who make them. 

Ms. Kapri's passion for these areas emerged after volunteering for the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland and Washington, D.C. She is an attorney who earned degrees from the University of British Columbia, Northwestern University, and Gonzaga University School of Law.  She is also the recipient of the Daily Point of Light Award.  The Daily Point of Light was created by a former U.S. President to nationally recognize individuals and groups who have demonstrated a deep commitment to public service.  

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