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At Kapri Consulting our mission is to empower our clients through a multi-dimensional approach of awareness, expansion, and growth.

We assist companies in a variety of ways from examining their supply chain to eliminate all forms of hidden forced labor or child labor to strategic long-term development.


Our objective is to take businesses to the next level of growth and global impact by providing innovative solutions to help individuals and companies fulfill a lasting legacy. 

A legacy they can be proud of for generations to come. 

Join us in our global mission to change how business impacts the world.  We believe that companies can make a positive difference through ethical practices that support the human rights of workers and environmental protections around the world.  



Focusing on the following areas to assist businesses:

Eliminating Any Potential Risk for Child Labor or Forced Labor in Global Supply Chains

Observation and Execution of State, National, and International Labor Laws 

Understanding Consumer Driven Global Expansion and 

Organizational Behavioral Theories   

Venture Growth Strategies and Implementation for Conscious Consumer Driven Growth

Management Growth Models

Strategic Management Theories  

Organizational Culture Modifications in the Changing Consumer Driven Economy  

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